UmbriaLogic is an internet, software and security consulting company located in the region of Umbria, the "green heart" of Italy.

Founded in 2005 by Dr. Colin Hirsch, UmbriaLogic serves as platform for commercial, educational and research activities, and is part of a growing network of cooperation and collaboration.

With over 20 years of experience in theory and practice of information technology and computer science, UmbriaLogic offers professional consulting to professional customers.

We realise individual projects for national and international customers, providing efficient development of solutions, and rapid transfer of knowledge and experience.



  • IT Consulting

    and rapid knowledge transfer for technology creating and technology using businesses of all sizes.

    Problem analysis and specification of business structures and processes; database layout and organisation; problem specific network and component structures; formalisation and decomposition.

    Internet and intranet network and server architectures; open-source deployment; security, migration and administration support; Linux-based servers, proxies, firewalls and thin-client architectures.

    Counselling on free and open-source based high-availability server and cluster systems; development and deployment of high-availability solutions and scalable software.

    Custom network protocol design for particular performance, security or bandwidth requirements; complete with clean specification, reference implementation and integration support.

  • Software Development

    Total support for software development; partial or complete realisation of projects.

    Software design; object-oriented systems and object-oriented run-time systems; modular, multi-threaded and distributed applications; functional and multi-paradigm architectures.

    Rapid prototyping of architectures and implementations with open-source components and script languages; evaluation of existing approaches and solutions for new business cases.

    Implementation of custom software and customisation of standard software; development in C++ and other object-oriented or multi-paradigm programming languages like Lua, Swift or Python.

    Code and design review; quality assurance and early problem finding; build process and revision control auditing; examination of available documentation.

    Integration and testing, in particular of server applications and services; automated black-box and regression testing; customised testing frameworks; unit-tests and test specification; low-level analysis.

    Maintenance and refactoring; performance tuning; adaptation of and additions to interfaces and business logic; integration of free or open source middleware and libraries.

  • Seminars and Training

    For small, medium, enterprise and educational customers, for example:

    Introduction to the world of Free and Open Source Software (F/OSS) applications, licenses and philosophies with an emphasis on potential business benefits and opportunities.

    Introduction to Linux and Unix philosophy and concepts and their history; major technical properties, features and limitations; overview of programmer and user interfaces.

    Seminar on Linux and Unix programming for software developers experienced in other operating systems; overview of the kernel API, portability issues, and relevant standards.

    Seminar on design and implemention of multi-threaded applications and software patterns; common misconceptions, problems and their solutions; efficient utilisation of concurrent architectures.

    Seminar on internet technology, internet standards and protocols, standard services and server applications, computer networking in general, outlook on IPv6 and SCTP.

    Beginners C++ programming and/or advanced C++ programming in the context of Unix and macOS, for software developers experienced in other programming languages.

    Theoretical and practical computer science including programming, data structures and algorithms, computer networks, automata theory, mathematical logic, relational databases, operating systems, graph theory, computer architectures, and more.


Customers and partners from more than a decade of commercial activity.

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Open Source

Open source projects available under the MIT license.